A list of places to go when you need something interesting (and for free!)

General - astounding, expanding and useful collection of academic books and articles - free educational and cultural media - outstanding series of video talks by interesting people - talk to strangers, a great resource of anonymous strangers

Suicide machine - delete your accounts

Intelligence Squared - top for live debates, lectures and loads other interesting things

Darkmatter - post-colonialism journal online


wemakezines - ronsil

New York Review of Ideas

The Literateur

Musical - piece of music designed to play for 1000 years without repeating - great rough sessions, mostly US indie; legal to download

Alan W. Pollack’s notes - a musicological analysis of every Beatles song

theplaylist - movie soundtracks directory - music for the galaxy

Visual - citizen photojournalism from around the world

Strange Maps - beautiful and beguiling cartography - image bookmarking

Wordle - lovely (and useful) word clouds

Wolfram Alpha - ‘the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone’

information is beautiful

The Documentary Group - doc soc.

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A gnome is:

a) a maxim which imparts knowledge, often taught to the young
b) a legendary dwarf

gnome online is:

Ossie Froggatt-Smith works 9-5 as an editor and sometimes a journalist. He studied Byzantium and still thinks about it all the time. He manages gnome.

Edward Randell is a journalist. He sings in Paris with the Voice Messengers, and has written for the TLS and Jazzwise. He edits gnome.

Roberta Klimt spends a lot of time at the British Library, so much that she gets paid for it. She blogs and writes at gnome and the Oxford Left Review. She also studies medieval Italian literature.

Andrew Naughtie studies sociology. He lives in Bristol, but is moving to Chicago, Illinois! He blogs and writes at gnome.

At gnome, we get together with people and promote non-fiction writing because we think that:

a) young non-fiction writing is v v under-appreciated
b) writers are discouraged by brutal subs and celebrities

If you would like to:

a) suggest some useful links/blogs/events to gnome
b) write a non-fiction essay to be produced by gnome

we would love to hear it.

Submit by clicking submit, or get in touch, by emailing gnome [dot] magazine [at] googlemail [dot] com.